The Good and the Bad of Sliding Glass Doors

The Good and the Bad of Sliding Glass Doors

Like all things, sliding glass doors have a bad face and a good face. They have their good moments and they have some bad moments. Overall, they are a great addition to nearly all homes since they don’t only serve as patio doors but also indoors. And that’s one of the good things.

Due to the high demand for sliding glass door installation, it’s fair to say that the pros outnumber the cons. Still, if you are about to decide whether or not to invest in sliding glass doors, it’s good to know both sides – the good and the bad. So, here we go.

Sliding glass doors – all good things that come along

•   More natural light

Sliding Patio DoorsTalking about sliding patio glass doors, there’s ample natural light. That’s due, of course, to the large glass panels. The larger they are, the more sunlight you get indoors. This is great if you consider that the sunlight creates happy environments. In other words, it maximizes energy and boosts mood while minimizes the expenses on energy bills.

•   Better views

Due to the large glass slide doors, the views are unobstructed. Even if there’s not a spectacular view right in front of your house, you are still able to look outside and let the eye travel & relax.

•   Space-saving

Unlike swing doors, which need some outer or inner space to open, sliding doors do not need any space at all. There’s a slide track overhead and a track below on the floor, allowing the door to slide sideways. This is a good thing for the patio, even more for indoors, where the space limitations are often the nightmare of every homeowner in quest of doors.

Sliding doors come out in many types – bypass, pocket, barn, folding, telescopic, just to give you an idea. Everyone can find the ideal slide door in spite of the space available.

•   Great appearance

Sliding glass doors are versatile due to the various types and also modern, sleek, and beautiful. Besides, the frame choices are plenty in terms of materials and colors.

•   High energy efficiency

Due to the large glass panel, slide doors may have low U-value and thus, higher energy efficiency. Today, the choices among double and triple glass panes and the insulation solutions are great and so, the home is very well protected from the elements.

•   Illusion of larger home

sliding doors One of the benefits of sliding doors is that they create big openings. If you get pocket doors, they disappear from sight altogether, facilitating traffic. When the patio door opens up, there’s the illusion that the home is much larger since the eye moves outdoors without obstructions – sometimes, when the door is shut too.

•   Practical doors

Sliding glass doors are easy to use. Without hinges often blocking the way, you can come and go, or move big items without causing damage or bumping into obstructions.

The downsides of sliding glass doors

•   Security considerations

Slide patio glass doors come with locks, of course. But the locks drilled in wooden doors are more resistant. One way to minimize the risks is to install multi-point locks on slide doors.

•   Safety considerations

Safety considerations are raised due to the glass, especially if there are children in the house. Although the glass used for sliding doors is tempered and thus not easy to break, it’s still glass. One must take that into account.

•   High cost

Due to their mechanism and heavy-duty construction, sliding glass doors cost more than French doors. And when we are talking about patio doors, you need the very best quality and also the very best insulation – elements that push the cost up. That’s perhaps the most serious consideration.