Door Repair Services

It’s truly worrisome when the back or the front door won’t close with ease. Isn’t it? All the same, getting door repair services in Toronto and, actually, in any city in the GTA in Ontario, takes one sole and very brief phone call to our company. Ready for solutions?

Make contact with Monaco Spex Innovations LTD and tell us all about your home exterior or interior door problems. Whether this is an urgency or not, we address the problem quickly – always in a professional manner you will, surely, appreciate. Allow us to tell you more about it.

Full door repair services, Toronto’s best company

Door Repair Services Toronto

Feel free to contact our company if there’s a need for door repair services in the Greater Toronto Area. You can trust our team with major and minor problems related to all doors at your home and be sure that the services will be the most suitable solutions.

Problems may have to do with the hinges, the track, the wheels, the glass, the slab, the lock – any component of the door. Any door. And most of these problems are fixable and worth repairing as long as the door is still doing the job of opening, closing, and protecting. Naturally, if the door is rotten, warped, seriously damaged, it can be replaced with a new one, whether a slab or pre-hung.

As you can see, you can rely on our door repair services company for all jobs, whether a quick fix or replacements. Want to make an appointment?

Exterior and interior door repair services

Tell us if you are in need of an interior or exterior door repair service. Although all services are provided quickly, we fully understand that problems with main entrances are far more stressful than if the problem had to do with the bedroom or kitchen door. Right? Trust that our company takes quick action at all times, even if you want the interior pocket or home office French doors fixed. Obviously, we go the extra mile to serve superfast if there’s a problem with a high-risk door. Count on us for swift home door repair services.

Experts in all home doors & repair services

You can trust us with the repair service of any door at your home:

  •          Front door
  •          Storm door
  •          Screen door
  •          Patio doors
  •          Pocket doors
  •          Sliding doors
  •          French doors
  •          Screen doors
  •          Closet doors

You can trust our company with all door repair services, Toronto & GTA solutions to all problems – urgent or not, fair rates, swift response. What’s the point of tolerating problems with the kitchen pocket door? Or, even worse, taking risks with patio door problems or front door noises? Whether you live in another part of the GTA or in Toronto, door repair services are offered fast and performed by true pros. Should we talk?

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