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Need a locksmith in Toronto, Ontario? Or, in any other location in the GTA? Have no concerns. Our company is here to offer the assistance you seek, be it an urgent situation or not. Windows, doors & locks go hand in hand. You already know that. What you may not know is that our company is not here just for window & door services but also ready to dispatch a Toronto locksmith the minute you need it the most.

Monaco Spex Innovations LTD goes all out to ensure all customers in the Greater Toronto Area have perfect doors & windows, installed flawlessly. We are also here for door repairs and thus, ready to address problems and minimize the risks. But what good can a durable front door do if the lock is not resistant or properly installed? Both doors and locks must be appropriate for the application and excellently installed. Same for windows. You need the best window installation & also, lock installation. Only then, you will feel safe. So, should we get down to business and tell you how can we help with locks & keys?

The most reliable locksmith Toronto-located at your service

Locksmith TorontoFirst things first. We dispatch a mobile locksmith Toronto-located to any part of the city to offer any service is required on any lock & key. And we do so fast, without charging much and for any place in the GTA. As a matter of fact, our team is completely transparent from the very start and ready to give you an estimate. Want to know how much it will be to have a deadbolt installed? Or the cost of a key change service? Contact us.

Complete commercial & residential locksmith services

You can count on us for any commercial and residential locksmith service in Toronto and all parts of the GTA. No matter the door, no matter the window, no matter the material, turn to us. Only specialists are assigned to rekey, replace, install, and fix locks or to make keys or to extract broken keys. Experienced with the latest locks for both residential and commercial applications, the locksmiths can remove any burden off your shoulder in no time too. You just put your mind at peace knowing that we appoint home and commercial locksmith experts only.

Ready to assist in good times and when you may need deadbolt installation just to upgrade the security of your place but also fully prepared to help in bad moments and when you are locked out or have troubles with the keys and locks, we are the go-to team for all occasions.

Trust us with any Toronto locksmith service to get the best results, fast

What will be a short locksmith service list?

  • Door lock repair
  • Lock change service
  • Locks installation
  • Key change, lock rekey
  • Access control, master key systems
  • Complete key and lock solutions

All the times you may need local locksmith or service in the GTA, our company will be at your disposal. And not only do we serve all local key & lock service requests but also do so very fast. Isn’t smart to rely on one expert, fully committed company for both door & lock services? For both window & lock services? It takes one call. You do that, and we’ll send you a Toronto locksmith. How’s that?

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