Master Key Lock System

If you are interested in a master key lock system in Toronto, Ontario, our company is at your service. To be precise, our team serves the Greater Toronto Area and is ready to offer solutions to all those who seek security without losing convenience. Such systems offer these things and overall, they make life a lot easier.

Having Monaco Spex Innovations LTD by your side when you need windows and doors and when you want to invest in higher security is the easy way of getting difficult projects done to perfection. Let us tell you more about master key systems.

Considering a master key lock system in Toronto or the GTA?

Master Key Lock System Toronto

When you tell us that you are considering a master key lock system, Toronto locksmiths are sent to your place to explore the possibilities and your needs. Not all needs are the same. The buildings vary too. Some want a very simple design with one master key operating a few locks. Some need more complex designs. And there are solutions for all, whether you are interested in an office master key system or a design for a home or whole building.

Master key systems to meet all needs

Such systems resemble genealogical family trees, where there’s a hierarchy of keys with multiple keys at the bottom opening one lock and one grand master key at the top opening all locks. This may be a rather simple system with only one master key and several sub-keys for the individual tenants. This is often the case with apt building master key systems, which enable the superintendent to have access to all doors, storage rooms, et cetera while the tenants have their own keys to their apartments.

In large firms, the design of these systems is often more complicated. That’s because there are often different departments and the manager of each department must hand keys to those who must have access to specific areas while he/she has access to all areas. At the top of all departments may stand a general manager who will have a grand master key that will open all locks. It’s all about convenience and access control. With such systems, those who must have access to certain rooms, cabinets, storage areas, and other parts of a building have a key for them – one key, not many. This way, there’s control of access – hence, high security.

Skilled locksmiths set up master key systems for all buildings

Our company partners with experienced locksmiths who set up master key lock systems for years, remain updated with all new things in the industry, and do the job correctly. Whether this is a home, a large office building, or a small apt complex, make contact with us.

A master key system is designed for your specific needs. And the key plan is made flexible so that it can be expanded to meet the future security requirements at the particular building. If you want fewer keys, higher security, great convenience, and the Toronto master key lock system designed and set up to perfection, reach our team.  

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