With suitable doors, Toronto interiors and exteriors become both elegant and functional. Who said that form & function cannot co-exist? It’s all about finding the right company. And when you put your trust in the hands of Monaco Spex Innovations LTD, all expectations are exceeded. It has to do with our experience in all doors, our focus on each project, the way we approach each job, our commitment to provide the best solutions and eagerness to serve well.

Put all that together and you’ll have an idea of why we are ranked as the number one choice for door repair services, new installations, replacements – all jobs on all doors in Toronto and the entire GTA, Ontario. You see, there are interior and exterior doors. And not all doors are created equal, while the location and application differ too. By focusing on details, by taking into account even tiny details, we don’t only offer the most suitable solutions to those seeking new doors or needing repairs but also exceptional service. Given the huge importance of doors, who would say no to these things? Let us tell you more about doors and how we work around here, at Monaco Windows & Doors.

Doors – our area of expertise

Whether there’s a plan for door installation or a need for door repair services Toronto people have a lot to consider. Let us make it simple. Think of all the things you expect from a door! Easy operation. Convenience. Privacy. Security. Charm. And such expectations all scratch the surface. After all, doors are installed at various parts of a home, school, firm, company. There are exterior and interior doors. And anything, from the temperatures and the climate to the style and the customer’s budget, affects the choice of the door’s material, size, design, color.

It’s hardly a wonder we are the number one choice for commercial and home door repair services and installations in the GTA. We pay attention to such things, from the very start to the completion of the service. Everything about the door is important – the construction, the hinges, the way it is installed, the way it is serviced, the resistance of the material – just name it. We leave nothing out whether our customers need installation or door repair service. And it is, surely, crucial that we are masters of doors of all types.

  • French doors
  • Main entry doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Patio doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Glazed doors
  • Swing doors
  • Pivot doors

Door services in the GTA – all things we do for you

We are the door repair services company you can trust every time you deal with problems. Our team is the ideal choice if you seek a replacement door. Or if doors installation is on your to-do list. From bifold and sliding doors to composite and metal materials, we don’t only have experience in them all but are also here for full services. Let us give you an idea.

  • Door repair services
  • Exterior & interior doors
  • New doors installation
  • Door replacement service
  • Commercial, office, home doors
  • Service on all types of doors (sliding, French, etc.)
  • Installation of all doors
  • Door service in spite of the material

Door installation and replacement services

We are at your service for the installation of all types of doors – sliding doors, glass doors, patio doors, pocket doors, hinged doors, front doors, just name it. And not only that. We are also ready to serve if you want door replacement service. In fact, we know that often having a damaged door replaced quickly is essential, especially if this is a main entry door. Don’t you worry. We always help fast.

What makes us the best choice for door installation and replacement services in Toronto? There’s a list of things. To sum it up in one sentence, we do everything by the book – from start to finish. We send pros to check the location and measure. In the case of replacements, the pros check if some of the existing components can be saved or not. And then, we offer quality. Always. Even low-budget doors are of good quality – let alone the solid constructions for exterior applications. Last – certainly, not least, the door installers are skilled, qualified, experienced. There’s no concern at any level.

Door repair & lock services

All Toronto door repair services are provided quickly. All service requests in the Greater Toronto Area are served fast. There’s no waiting with us, even if this is an interior door. Function matters at any location and is, surely, compromised – along with your privacy, safety, and security – when problems occur. Even a tiny problem with the hinges may keep you from closing or opening the door, while the list of possible issues is rather long. And while no door problem is good news and all troubles are worrisome – to say the least, they are all addressed rapidly by our company.

What’s a good door – particularly a front door or a patio door, without a good lock?

It’s hardly surprising that our company is available for locksmith services. More often than not, the problem stems from the lock and not the door. But whether you need lock repair or door service, we’ll be at your disposal ready to help.

Masters of interior & exterior doors and all services

When you have door specialists in your corner, even frightening problems don’t seem so frightening anymore. Even demanding projects, like a front door installation or a sliding glass door replacement, seem simple. And although nothing is simple with door services and all main entry problems can easily be stressful, we ask you to remain calm. We ask you not to worry. Why?

Our door repair & installation company stands right here ready to serve, prepared to make the most demanding project a breeze for you!

Never worry about your doors in Toronto again. Never worry about your doors, no matter your location in the GTA. Whether you face troubles, are in the process of remodeling, seek solutions for a new home, we are here. Let us know about your project, problem, concern and see Toronto’s door experts in action. Why don’t you?

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