The Best Internal Door Styles

The Best Internal Door Styles

Often neglected and under-appreciated, internal doors can really surprise you on how much they can transform the home. They highly influence the interior design, and can either make it or break it. Selecting internal doors may be part of a home renovation or a new construction. And while it seems to be a simple task, it’s not – if you want to make the home interior superb.

Which are the aspects to look for when trying to choose internal doors?

  • The way the internal doors open
  • The internal door designs
  • The location (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • The door’s hardware

Naturally, the process of choosing an internal door replacement includes other variables too, like pre-hung or not, size (overall dimensions). All parts need replacement or just the door? Is there a building regulation requiring a fire door? What’s your budget, and do you want one or all doors replaced? There’s a lot to consider even for an internal door installation project, but let us focus on style today.

Function rules: choose internal door styles that work

The way the door opens also defines its style. Sliding doors look completely different from hinged doors. But more often than not the internal door opening style is dictated by the space limitations. No wonder that in small apartments and homes, pocket doors are excellent solutions. Since they slide into the wall, they pay their debt as doors without occupying space.

Of course, not all sliding doors are pocket doors. There are often sliding glass doors or sliding wood doors separating the space, creating activity areas, isolating the home office. For maintenance reasons, it’s best to get barn doors. The downside of sliding internal doors is that they may not allow you to open up the space between two rooms fully, unless there’s enough side space to have the door leaf moved aside from the opening.

Now, if there’s no space limitations, hinged doors are the most popular choices. They come out in various materials, styles, and sizes, while they can be single or double, or even have a part of them fixed. The important decision you need to make with French doors is whether they will open inward or outward.

Traditional or contemporary internal door style?

Do you need a traditional internal door just because your home has a traditional style? Not a norm, but it’d be consistent. If you like to lighten up the traditional looks of the interior, you can get a classic door style. That’s the best way to go, anyway. While intense colors and extravagant designs may look fantastic in a contemporary home or make a statement in a minimalistic interior, in a classic household, it’s best to choose the mid-way. Choose a classic design – perhaps, paneled, that won’t tire you.

Do you need a kitchen door? A bathroom door?

Bathroom doorSome doors are installed to separate rooms. Some to create privacy. What’s your case? What’s that have to do with the internal door’s style? It will help you choose the right door material. Want a classic example? Avoid installing glass doors in guest bathrooms, even if they are isolated. Your guests won’t feel very comfortable. On the other hand, a black sliding or hinged glass door grid style will be fantastic for the master en-suite bathroom and will be an excellent separator of the home office or gym.

If there’s no privacy considerations, glazed doors are excellent solutions for most parts of the house since they let the natural light travel from room to room, and make the home look bigger – a necessity in small homes.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the door’s hardware

When you are considering an internal door installation service, focus on the hardware too. Yes, the door locking system is important, especially if there’s a matter of security and privacy. But the style of the handle has to do with your convenience, especially if there are small children, handicapped, or elderly people at home. Everyone in the family must be able to handle the handle of the door. And usually, levers are more convenient than knobs.

As for the hardware style, it’s best to stick to the same color on all doors and the same color with the hinges to create consistency. Now, you may want one style on this door and another style on another door. But overall, it’s best to keep a similar style of both internal doors and hardware, same finish too.