Should You Keep the Old Doors? Or, Toss Them?

Should You Keep the Old Doors? Or, Toss Them?

The question is not what to do with a door once it’s removed, but when it’s the best time to replace a door. Or, if you will, when it’s the best time to buy new doors for the home?

Such decisions are easy to make when the door in question is totally damaged. Even more when we are talking about the front door of your home. Or, the patio doors. Right?

But what if the door is just old? Should it be replaced or not?

Are you remodeling and want new home doors?

Should You Keep the Old Doors? Or, Toss Them?

Oftentimes, the idea of new doors installation comes when we remodel the home. And that’s one of the times when it makes perfect sense to replace the old doors. Even if some doors are okay, it’s best to get new ones throughout the house to maintain consistency in terms of style, material, and color. When you make home improvements, you surely don’t want to keep old doors that will compromise the looks of your interior unless the doors are in great shape and thus, can only be painted.

One thing you should consider though is front door installation. Also, the replacement of back, side, and patio doors. When you improve the overall aesthetics and function of your home, one of the first things you likely want to do is boost security, energy efficiency, and convenience – something you get with new exterior doors.

Are we talking about exterior doors, anyway?

Should You Keep the Old Doors? Or, Toss Them?

If you are considering the replacement of exterior doors – whether you are remodeling or not, there’s surely something you don’t like about the front door or the patio sliding doors. Let us pinpoint once more that our intention at this point is not to tell the obvious: that’s the importance of finding a front door replacement or new patio doors when the existing ones are damaged but understand when it’s the best time to replace old doors.

With that said, let us also point out that old doors do come with some damage, anyhow. Since these are exterior doors, they are surely affected by the weather and are exposed to all elements for a number of years. And so, they may be some dents, grooves, scratches, and warping. If it comes to such flaws, you need to find a door contractor to assess the extent of damage and tell you if they affect the door’s performance or you can keep the doors a while longer.

Then again, there’s a chance that your patio sliding glass doors have single glazing. There’s a possibility that your front door is hollow. The door technology today is a lot different – and better – than what it used to be a few years ago, let alone decades ago. And so, yes, when it comes to old exterior doors, it’s worth replacing them even if they are still not broken. It’s a matter of feeling safer, reinforcing home security, cutting down expenses, embracing new technology, and making your life easier.

Unless you are considering the replacement of interior doors

Should You Keep the Old Doors? Or, Toss Them?

Now, the story is a bit different when it comes to interior doors, which are not damaged and when there’s no home improvement forcing you to take such decisions. Of course, there’s a chance that you cannot afford a general home remodeling in which case you may have decided to make small improvements whenever you can. In this case, yes, it’s worth getting new interior doors for your home.

It’s also worth considering the installation of new interior doors when you want to make some small changes in the house, like when you want to turn the second living room into a home office and thus want to install sliding glass doors to get some privacy. It’s also smart to change doors when they start showing some signs of wear – stick, make noises, don’t close well. If it’s only about aesthetics, it will be an excellent way to spruce up the home interior but it won’t be a pressing task.

Now, if you truly care to know what you can do with the old doors, you can use them to make a table or desk. A door may serve as a bed’s headboard. Several glass doors will make a nice garden shed. You can build a swing or bench. There are truly a lot of ideas on how you can use old doors.