How to Select a Front Door for Your Home

How to Select a Front Door for Your Home

The front door of your home is much more than just one more door. It’s the entry point that will make access easy. It’s the door that will make an impression, protect your family and valuables, lower your energy bills – reduce your stress. It’s not called a crucial entry door system at random. It must have the specs to do all the above; plus, the locking system to provide the required home security.

With so many responsibilities put on the front door, it’s only natural to get the shivers when you are trying to pick a new one. Would you like some help selecting a front door for your home?

Focus on the front door’s material

Why is it important to find the best possible front door material? It has to do with each material’s resistance to the elements – hence, it is subject to your location’s climate. Your decision is also defined by your budget – not all materials cost the same although the cost depends on other factors too, like the construction, size, installation, etc. Finally, it has to do with the direction of the home. If the front part of the house is highly exposed to the elements, the entry door must be particularly resistant.

The dominant front door materials on the market?

  • Wooden doors are luxurious, elegant, warm but also prone to damage – rotting, warping, cracking since they are not resistant to the elements. But solid wood doors in mild climates can last for decades and are particularly durable.
  • Steel doors are not expensive but neither long-lasting unless they are reinforced. Now, if they are reinforced, they can be quite strong since the material is truly durable. Their advantage compared to wood is that the material doesn’t contract and expand, causing problems depending on the temps.
  • Composite doors and fiberglass doors are excellent choices due to their low maintenance and high resistance. Such choices are often the best option if you consider that they are insulated and don’t warp or rot.

The entry door’s construction is key

Whether you are looking for a front door replacement or a door for a new construction, the way it’s built makes all the difference. Many manufacturers offer the door along with the frame for greater durability, especially if they back their sale with a lifelong warrantee. And that’s a good thing, if you consider that the frame of the door is important for its resistance and frames get damaged overtime as well.

One of the most important factors to consider about the front door construction is its durability. You need a solid door – not hollow, to remain strong and be resistant to kicking.

Another thing to consider is the door’s energy efficiency, especially if you get a big door. The big hole/space the door covers will create a big hole in your energy – pocket too, if you don’t get it insulated.

Get a durable front door & high security lock

lock installationEven if your neighborhood is quiet, you need to invest in your home security. To achieve that, you need both a solid, well-built front door and resistant locks. Proper door & lock installation too.

Choose a door design that will match your home style

While the resistance, construction, and durability of the front door are the key elements of your peace of mind, its style matters as well. The good news is that there’s a huge list of front door sizes, designs, and colors. You can get aluminum/glass doors, intense colors, stained wood – anything that would match your home’s style.

Assign the front door installation to pros

Last but certainly not least, assign the front door installation to good pros. That’s half the battle against security problems and all sorts of considerations. While the quality of the door matters the most, the way it is installed makes a difference as well. Relying on a pro company for such a project is vital and not just for the house door installation. A good contractor will also help you decide if you need a pre-hung door or not, if the frame is good or must go, what is the right size for you, etc. Such home improvements require focus on details and who would be a better choice for all that than pro door installers?