How to Make the Front Door Entrance More Attractive

How to Make the Front Door Entrance More Attractive

First impressions are priceless! And even if you don’t care much about what other people think of your home’s façade, don’t you want to feel good every time you go through your front door?

While the entire outdoor environment of your home is important, its entrance will either make or break its charm. It will either increase or decrease the home value. And there’s more. A neat and beautiful entrance is also about feeling safe when you walk back home. Or when the kids return home. Should we take a look at what you can do to make this part of your home inviting, safe, truly attractive?

Get a new entry door

The front door is the focal point of the home’s façade. If the material is worn or the hardware is rusty, the impressions are bad. The worst part is that similar problems are telltale signs that the door lacks the strengths to resist force and the elements. By getting a front door replacement, you kill two birds with one stone. You improve the front entry aesthetics and home security.

No need to change the front door? Fix its problems

You don’t need to find a new front door, but still its appearance is outdated or bad? Why don’t you do the necessary door repairs or even repaint it? Even the best doors could use some maintenance, repairs, and upgrades from time to time. Getting new hardware – perhaps, new high security locks too, or replacing the door furniture is a good way to change the door’s looks and make the front entry attractive.

How about new windows installed by the front door?

If you are considering some serious remodel, adding new windows around the door is an excellent way to refresh the exterior and bring some natural light indoors too. Of course, things would be much easier if there were windows already at this part of the home. In this case, you’d only have to find a fresh replacement window design to match your latest style.

Invest in good lighting

What’s the condition of your porch lights? The area around the front door should be lit well – even just for safety purposes. Today, there’s a huge variety of outdoor lights and fixtures to match all home styles. If there’s a walkway – even more, steps, you need to add lights to make them safer. You could also place lanterns on each step or hang some on the walls around the front door and windows to make a statement. If the front yard is quite large, you can install motion-sensing lights to make the place safer. Lights do not only enhance the feeling of safety, but also create a wonderful environment, pointing out the great architectural details of your home’s entrance.

Decorate the surroundings

There’s a million ways to decorate the front entry to make it eye-catching and inviting. A single flower pot can make a huge difference! Now, imagine if you get a new front door handle or door knocker, a design mailbox, a beautiful doormat, a welcome sign. How about a statue or other piece of art right next to your front door? How about if you add stones or brick to the wall, repaint, or install an awning?

Shelter your entrance

Speaking of an awning, it’d be a great idea if you could shelter the entry area or part of the walkway. If there’s no covered place, where you or your guests can be protected from the rain before stepping indoors, why not build one? This structure will make an impression and will also serve well, since it is completely functional. Made of glass, it won’t obscure your view or make you fear for your safety.

Choose colors that say hello

door repairsOne of the easy ways to change the front entry is to paint the door, the walls, the windows. Overall, the colors chosen for the home’s exterior make a huge difference in the appeal and the feelings they evoke. Neutrals are always a safe choice. And you can blend natural wood with black, white, greys. Or you can go wild with bold colors. Or, by choosing just the front door to be bold, while quieting down all other elements.

Go wild, without going wild – it’s a matter of safety

Feel free to go wild, especially when it comes to the greenery. Plants, flowers, and trees always set a welcoming tone but keep them low; don’t create a jungle. A small jungle in your front yard will be interesting, but also frightening. Invest in greenery to make an inviting environment, a beautiful setting without exaggerations.