Frameless Doors for Astonishing Interiors

Frameless Doors for Astonishing Interiors

Those who embraced the overall concept behind the less is more notion may not have turned their homes into minimalistic oases but some surely decided that the flush-with-the-wall-door style will make the best background.

Frameless doors belong to this world – the world where the background supports all other items in the interior and decorates silently while offering function to the utmost.

Frameless doors with concealed hinges can easily make interiors minimalistic. Those, who don’t like this style, can choose such interior doors to make a dramatic effect or draw the visitor’s attention elsewhere.

If you ask ten different people about frameless doors, they will think you are talking about shower glass doors. And seven of them will think you are talking about patio doors. It’s quite possible that not one of them will think you are talking about interior doors. That’s because the frameless interior door installation trend is more popular in Europe and in minimalistic homes. But since the benefits are plenty, the elegance is beyond compare, and the design options numerous for all contemporary interiors, frameless doors are about to rock our world pretty soon too.

What is a frameless door?

Frameless Doors for Astonishing Interiors

Frameless doors have concealed hinges. What you see is just the door panel and nothing else. Since the designs vary, some doors may have a slim trim acting like a casing but the norm is that this is a perfect flush fit.

All components of the door are invisible, apart from the handle and the lock – if any. For a more minimalistic look, the door may operate with a push-and-pull opening mechanism – as it’s often the case with kitchen cabinets and the doors of closets.

The door hinges are concealed inside the wall – masonry or drywall. Since the dimensions of the door and whether it swings in or out dictates the position of the concealed hinges, such things are planned and designed prior to the door’s ordering. The good thing is that these hinges can be adjusted and so minor flaws are forgiving.

What is the advantage of having interior doors with concealed hinges?

  •          Distinctive look and elegant appearance
  •          No hardware disturbs the eye – the background is sleek and consistent
  •          The door is secure – nobody can mess with the hinges – an important factor for office doors
  •          Easy to install, easy to replace
  •          Soft close and open operation
  •          Great for doors with magnetic locks

Floor-to-ceiling frameless doors

Frameless Doors for Astonishing Interiors

When you consider a frameless interior door installation, you may consider all sizes. Frameless doors can be made at any dimension. Some have a standard height but are really wide – like pivot doors that have concealed hinges at the bottom and top. Depending on the use and structural space, frameless doors can be really narrow too.

Frameless doors are often ceiling-high. They are usually single doors – although they may be double doors as well and go all the way to the ceiling. With the hinges hidden and the door floor-to-ceiling high, the interior style becomes dramatic and grandiose. Since such tall doors are usually narrow, they are striking without overkilling. They are impressive, for sure, and often functional since they leave lots of overhead space if you have a habit of carrying furniture and big objects in and out of rooms. They actually take up structural space that would otherwise serve nothing maximizing elegance and allowing light to travel through rooms when the door is open or if this is a glass door.  

Flush with the wall interior door styles

There’s a big list of materials used for the construction of frameless doors. But usually, what you see has nothing to do with the usual vinyl or veneered doors. Nearly all frameless doors are flush panel doors. Since the goal is to have an invisible door, the panel is often painted as the adjacent wall or covered with the same wallpaper as that of the wall. The door may also be covered with leather, feature decorative grooves, or have a glossy lacquer finish. If you don’t care about a flush fitting and thus, having the door hidden in plain sight, you can opt for intense colors that will make the frameless door design stand out. The choices are nearly endless and since they can be made to blend into your home, having the ultimate interior is absolutely possible.