Energy Efficient Windows Make a Difference

Energy Efficient Windows Make a Difference

For comfortable indoor environments, energy efficient windows are a must. Also known as high performance windows, energy efficient windows do much more than meets the eye. Naturally, they insulate. They keep air drafts from entering the home, eliminate heat loss, but also minimize the possibility of problems, like water leaks and condensation. And when you have such problems addressed, you don’t only improve the indoor conditions but also reduce your expenses.

Which are the obvious – and not so obvious, features that make windows energy efficient? That’s what we are about to discuss.

Having windows installed is good for your pocket

Having windows – thus, glass, around the house is a good thing any way you see it. You see, one more way to reduce your expenses is to cut down the times you turn on the light during the day. With many windows around the house, the indoors is bright enough to eliminate the need for artificial lighting.

And then, your utility bills will go up or down based on how often you use the heating and air conditioning system. With windows around the house, you can air the rooms, allow the fresh breeze come in, and even control humidity in rainy days.

Now, the secret is to have plenty of windows to do all the above, come rain or shine. Because you won’t need to use the AC often and will save money from not using the AC and also, by not having to fix the AC frequently (since you won’t have to use it often), but how about heat loss?

It all comes down to the window glazing. Let’s see.

High performance glass is key to energy efficient windows

You need quality glass for your window installation project, but also double or triple panes. Single pane windows are nearly put in oblivion since they offer no energy efficiency.

Now the question that seeks answer is which specs ensure higher window performance? Ask a window installation company and they’ll tell you is all about the R-value and the U-value.

R-value shows the thermal efficiency; it measures the resistance of the product to heat loss and gain. U-value shows the thermal loss indicating how well glass keep heat in – to put it simply. Simply, what you need to be sure of is that the window glazing has the highest possible R-value and the lowest U-value.

Window sealants, flashing, center and edge of glazing

home window installation company The highest performance is at the center of the glass, while the edge of the glass will allow some heat transfer – that’s why this is worth of your attention. To put it simply, this part of the glass is closer to the elements and so the temps of the surface are lower than those of the center. Due to that, we often deal with condensation. We notice fog between the glass panes, often at the edge of the glass. And it is here where the role of the sealants plays the utmost importance.

While the glass insulation – overall quality, is fundamental for the window’s higher performance, there are some factors that take energy gain up a notch. It all has to do with the window sealants, the flashing – caulking the window to perfection.

And not just that. The window framing matters too.

What’s the role of window frames to the home’s energy efficiency?

The construction but also the material of window frames is extremely important to the home’s energy efficiency. Naturally, poor quality, cheap products won’t do you any good. With that said, attention should be paid to the material too.

Take aluminum window frames, for example. While highly resistant, energy efficient-wise they are not the best option. That’s because this material is conductive – allows heat transfer/heat loss. A good choice is wood but there’s still considerations. Apart from being susceptible to the elements and thus, prone to warping and rotting, wood insulates locally. To make a long story short, the best choice for higher window performance is vinyl and fiberglass frames.

It’s all about the window installation as well

The quality of the window installation service also matters. Precision when setting the window but even prior when measures are taken, is vital. Not all walls and homes are the same. And then, which window you get and whether you’ll need a two- or three-pane insulated window, the quality of the spacers, the direction of the home, and all such details that will make a difference in the end is all about trusting the right window installers. And now that you know all the above, you only have to search for the right home window installation company.