5 Signs It’s Time to Find a Front Door Replacement

5 Signs It’s Time to Find a Front Door Replacement

While everyone likes to get new things and improve the home’s curb appeal, nobody likes the hassle or, even more, the expense of a front door installation. Truth be told, this is often our choice – just to take the home appearance up a notch. But more often than not, we need to find a door replacement out of necessity.

Wondering if now it’s the right time to replace your home’s front door? It’s simple. If you say yes to all following questions then, yes, it’s time to find a replacement door.

1. Is your front door warped, rotten – damaged in any way?

With a quality product and proper door installation, the lifespan is long. No doubt. But long doesn’t mean a lifetime. There comes a time when the front door must be replaced due to damage inflicted on the material overtime mostly by the elements. Often by attempted break-ins too. Well, in case of an attempted force entry with repercussions on the door’s condition and performance, you will know it’s time to find a door installation company.

The question is how much attention do you pay to the natural wear of the front door? What might happen?

  • Warping and splitting are the downsides of natural wood front doors. Over the years, they expand and contract so many times that eventually get warped, weathered, cracked.
  • Paint peeling might not sound frightening and it’s a problem that may be fixed before it takes a toll on the door’s condition. If not, there’s a chance that the material will absorb moisture leading to rotting.
  • Rust is a natural phenomenon that happens with steel. Not only does it lessen the door’s strengths and its aesthetics, but may also lead to rotting.
  • Glass door condensation occurs when the seal between the panes is damaged – a sign that mold is just around the corner, if not already there.

Door damage may range from dents and rot to mold build-up and rusty hinges. When there’s such problems, the consequences are bad. You may already have troubles opening and closing the door and it surely won’t be able to protect you – not to mention that it will look bad.

2. Are you losing energy?

Do you move away from the front door when it’s chilly due to the air drafts that come in from the sides, top, or under the door? Yes, that’s bad. That’s a main reason why you lose energy – if you are not sure about that, check your bills. Of course, energy loss may be a result of many other problems around the house. For example, you many need to find some replacement windows too. But if conditioned air is escaping and cold air drafts are entering through the door, it’s highly likely time to find a front door replacement company.

3. Is your entrance door old or hollow?

The front door materials range from wood and steel to fiberglass andFront Door Replacement aluminum. And while they all have their pros and cons; they all also share one thing. At one point, they get old, even if not necessarily damaged. The seals, the hinges, the frame, the material start showing their age, requiring constant door repair services. On top of that, home front doors installed two decades ago might not be of the best quality. The materials were not as advanced as they are today, for example. Or the door may be hollow. That’s actually a common problem, especially with old homes. Or the front door may be hollow because when it was first installed the owner may had some financial problems and couldn’t afford a more expensive – yet strong, door. An old and even worse, a hollow door cannot be trusted. It can be easily kicked down. Why take the risk?

4. Does it take you ages to open & close the door?

Do you have to push the door to close it? Or put all your energy to pull it open? Yes, there might be some front door repair solutions for such problems. But if the door gets stuck due to old age or damage, don’t risk it. Find a front door replacement. Before you know it, you won’t even be able to lock and then, it won’t be a matter of convenience alone but of home security as well.

5. Has your front door seen better days?

And then, it’s the aesthetic part. Bad looks will diminish the curb appeal and home value. Like it or not, the front door is the focal point of the home’s façade. You want it attractive, modern, appealing. Its ugly looks will only do harm. What’s the point of that when you can have a beautiful front door, which would be extra durable too? Don’t forget that the ugly appearance is often the result of damage. Don’t you agree?