Closet Door Installation

If you are ready for a new closet door, installation Toronto experts, or service in any other location in the GTA of Ontario, it’s time we talked. You will be happy to hear that our company is ready to serve whether you want closet doors at a new home or need the old ones replaced. On top of this, we are ready to offer solutions whether we are talking about walk-in-closets or wardrobes. For any home closet door, installation you can count on.

The choices among closet doors are plenty. But the secret of their smooth and long-lasting performance is subject to the closet door installation service. Settle for nothing but excellence on all levels – construction, installation, prices, customer service, by putting your complete trust in our hands here at Monaco Spex Innovations LTD.

Anywhere in and around Toronto closet door installation

Closet Door Installation Toronto

Set your mind at ease by assigning the closet door installation Toronto/GTA project of yours to our company. We know all too well that not all closets are the same; neither are the needs of our customers. Their requirements vary in terms of structure, space, aesthetics – all things. No surprise we first send a tech to measure the opening, see the closet, talk with you about materials, colors, design – anything related to the project. This is the safe way of getting tailored solutions for your closet and know the approx. cost. You, basically, have nothing more to do than make contact with us, set your appointment, and tell us what you need. Should we start with your phone call to our specialized in closet door installation company?

Great choices among closet doors, installation service performed by experts

With every closet door installation project come the challenges raised due to space limitations and structural restrictions. That’s why we pay close attention to all such things right from the start. Of course, you shouldn’t have any worries about all these things. There are great solutions for all closets, the design and style options are plenty, and function is ensured with the right door installed proficiently. The usual options?

  •          Sliding closet doors with one or more panels – barn or floor track, excellent for space-saving and easy use. Available in many styles – from shaker to flush wood, louvered, and glass, they suit all tastes.
  •          French closet doors swing outwards and are found in many styles and materials. We just make sure there’s enough space for the closet doors to open without blocking foot traffic.
  •          Bifold closet doors are ideal when there are space restrictions. They have the advantage of offering a full width opening, allowing you to see the whole wardrobe at once.

Do you know what you want? Could you use an expert’s consultation? Call us. Let’s discuss your requirements and what’s needed for your closet door installation Toronto project. Shall we?

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